Black Panther

Winner of Henry's War 1, Heat B
Henry's War 1, Seventh Place (Hypothetical title)*
Pussycat Tribute Tournament 3: Winner of Heat N
=30th Greatest Vapourbot (The Big Vapourbot Awards)
Velociraptor's Fanfic Tournament - Series 5 18th Seed
=16th Most Feared Vapourbot (As Voted for in the Wars of Fury)
Pussycat Tribute Tournament 4, 6th Seed
18th Seed in velociraptors Fanfic Tournamnet - Series 6
Pussycat Tribute Tournament 5 - 18th Seeds
Mechanical Noise - Series 1: Winner of Heat A
Official Vapourbotteer Awards 2005: Best Axe-bot
Fowler Fic War, Series 5: 17th Seeds
Mechanical Noise, Series 1, 2nd Place!
Mechanical Noise, Series 2, 2nd Seed
Official Vapourbot Awards 2007: Best Axe-bot
Official Vapourbot Awards 2007: Battle of the Year: (vs. Psyclonised)
Eye of the Robot: Series 3 - 5th Seeds
Eye of the Robot: Series 3 - 6th (Hypothetical)
Eye of the Robot: Series 4 - 5th Seed
Robot SMASH!! Series 2: Recharged!: Winner of Heat M
Official Vapourbot Awards 2010: Best Axe-bot


Weight: 100kg
Shape: The majority of the shape is a very low semi-circular wedge that effectively means that any robot that tries to attack from the front 180 degrees will effectively be going up the wedge. In addition to this, the wide, rounded frontal surface of the wedge is more resistant to spinners due to the lack of seams and the larger surface area. The rear extrusion is primarily for balancing the robot during axe use.
Wheels: 4 very small (50mm diamater) cast aluminium internal wheels on a simple skid steer - they are all housed within the wedge part of the machine.
Motors: 2x S28-400 Magmotors at 24v
Speed: 22mph
Turning circle: 0m
Armour: The frontal wedge is 7mm titanium with the flipper having an extra 5mm polycarbonate over it. Behind the wedge there is 30mm of titanium foam which serves to lodge weapons in it rather than let them go straight through. The armour is mounted over a stainless steel chassis with particularly thick bars running the length of the robot and finishing either side of the flipper slot (inside of course) to give a sturdier front, the area surrounding the axe mechanism is 5mm titanium (the axes plateau).

The rest of the armour (essentially the back and box section) is 25mm HDPE as are the two 'sails' which are seen in the image. The sails serve several purposes -primarily however they protect the axe mechanism from crushers and other axes by making them unable to reach around the top of it. They also aid in self righting in two ways- firstly they shield the axe itself from the inpact of landing upside down, and secondly they allow self righting to be smoother by allowing the robot to 'roll' back onto its wheels.
Ground clearance: The front 180 degrees of the robot is effectively 0mm due to the wedge, the rear is upwards of 20mm.
Weapons: The primary weapon is the large pnuematic axe on a similar mechanism to Terrorhurtz, running on a single canister of CO2 at 250psi. The shaft is stainless steel and the blunt blade is 9kg worth of hardox in the shape seen in the image. The benefit of this shape is all the power of the axe is focused to a point so does more focused damage, but the heavy weight and broad shape mean that the damage done is heavy impact damage to shock the internals in a focused manner without risking gettign lodged in an opponent.

The flipper is powered by 2 linear actuators with a relatively small stroke and is inset into the body to keep is away from damage. The flipper only lifts about 40cm so as not to interfere with the axe, but does so in a quick enough motion that it can flip a robot over. The 'scraper' section of the scoop if a further 3mm of titanium shaped into a forked shape - this has two purposes, firstly for accomodating the axe. Secondly by going to two points instead of a single hard edge it focuses the force of a charge into a smaller area making it far more likely that the robot will be able to punch under skirts due to the proportionally higher pressure exerted and the much smaller points of resistance against it.

Strengths: Effective attack combination, fast, difficult to counter, very manouverable.
Weaknesses: Comparativly weak pushing power.